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Fairfax Helping Hand, Inc.

is a family-owned business known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere. It was established in 1996 in the heart of Little Ethiopia on South Fairfax Avenue, also known as SOFAX. It is located within short driving distance from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Downtown L.A.

Many of our customers are tourists visiting Little Ethiopia's famous restaurants, and they often find treasures among the antique and contemporary collection of items found at the shop.

Fairfax Helping Hand also rents out props for film, show, theater, and photographers. We are always willing to work with varying budgets. The shop collects merchandise from all over the country, as well as from overseas. Additionally, it has supporters who donate their parent's and grandparent's collections that have accumulated over the past fifty years.

At Fairfax Helping Hand, you will find unique, and interesting items of your grandparents' belongings in our attic. We will pick up your unwanted items for free they can be a treasure for someone else! We have a large selection of fine and custom jewelry, as well as a collection of hats, brand name, vintage clothing, mid-century furniture, paintings, and knickknacks.

We also have a large collection of Judaica and Jewish books. Recently, Fairfax Helping Hand has been featured in a few online publications as one of the top thrift shops in Los Angeles . Helping Hand Thrift Shop has also been used as a filming location for many movies, such as House of Grace, (Warning Film Inc. 2005) What about Brian (TV series, Touchstone Television), and Eddie Griffin (VH1).

According to film producer Bill Hooey, “Helping Hand Thrift Shop is a unique shooting location. This is not your typical thrift store.This store has collectable items from the 1920's on to the present day. It is a great shooting location because it can look like any time period with a few minor adjustments. It will look great on film because the outside of the store is well maintained and it has the charm that you must see for yourself.

We hope to see you soon at our shop.

Financing options

We know many of our customers come to us by chance while visiting Little Ethiopia's famous restaurants and do not always have the opportunity to buy the item they like. Thus, we accept credit cards and offer payday loans for small furniture for customers who need some additional financing.

Ben & Moji

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